Letter from the Mayor

I want to first thank the Oakland News for this opportunity to communicate with the citizens of Oakland. I also want to thank them for the continued effort to provide a means of news to our citizens.
The Town of Oakland continues to move forward and to stabilize each and every day. Our growth has continued to increase at a rate between 3 and 7 percent. The general fund has grown 90 plus percent with the collection of back taxes and with our business district continuing to grow each quarter.
The town continues to add new rooftops each month. At the end of the town’s fiscal year, which ended on June 30, there were a total of 115 new home starts during that period.
Through a lot of effort, collection of back taxes, and control of spending, the general fund increased approximately $200,000 over expenses for the fiscal year that ended June 30, 2015. The town also had its audit for the previous fiscal year completed and it was one of the best audits the town has ever received.
New Business
The town continues to grow with both privately owned businesses and corporate owned.
We have Murphy Oil Express scheduled to open at the end of July and Gateway Tire and Service Center is starting the discussions on their building in Oakland.
The town is in the process of signing an agreement with a firm to start a master plan which will layout the future road structures, a downtown area, and growth for the future.
This master plan is a very exciting plan that will allow some great focus for the local government, the landowners, businesses, and citizens.
Flood Grant
Finally, after multiple years of failed efforts, the town has gotten the construction started associated with the Block Grant to help ease the flooding issues around Black Ankle Creek.
On July 1, construction began and hopefully will be completed by the start of winter.
The Town of Oakland continues to grow and move forward. I am very excited for the opportunities the future holds for our town.