Dear Editor,
Just think of how many 90-year-old individuals you know and how they spend their days.
Personally, I may know three or four 90-year-old individuals. As for what they do each day, they may read, watch television, play cards or nap. I only know one 90-year-old who walks farther than from the den to the restroom.
There is a gentleman who lives down the street from me and he loves to walk. Not just on sunny days, but when it is cold, rainy, or just plain gloomy.
This gentleman, who likes to be called JD, is 91 years old and is in very good health. As a matter of fact, he is in better health than I am. Most of JD’s life he worked as a tool and die maker. He is also a Navy veteran from World War II where he was a 2nd Class Gunners Mate. His main function in the Navy was to transport troops and facilitate their landing all over India.
When I spoke to JD, he told me he was 91 years old and takes no medicines. He later spoke to me to let me know he was incorrect. He does use eye drops at bedtime and, at times, he uses Advil when he gets stiff.
JD has two sons and two daughters and lives in Fayette County with his daughter, Sue. He has four grandchildren, but he is not sure of how many great-grandchildren he has.
Here is the part about JD that I find amazing. He walks seven miles on pretty days. On cold and or rainy days, he walks between four and five miles. He usually takes a break between his walks and plays cards and watches television. He may also walk an extra mile or so if he gets bored with cards or television.
JD is proud to say that he has never met anyone he did not like and that everyone who meets him likes him. JD lives by the Golden Rule. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” JD says, “The Golden Rule is just my nature and it is how I live my life.”
– Rev. Dr. Howard “Bear” Alperin
Hickory Withe