New track dedicated to former Coach Redditt

“Over hill, over dale, we hit the dusty trail;” the familiar words of the Army marching song took on a new meaning at Fayette-Ware Comprehensive High School last month when school officials dedicated a new cross-country track.
The 1.8-mile track was dedicated in memory of the late track coach Ed Redditt, a man of vast historical experience as a Memphis policeman and as a cross country runner. He spent many years teaching countless young people the style of, and love of running.
“It is with great honor we dedicate this track to Ed Redditt, a man who was of immeasurable value to this school,” said Fayette-Ware Principal Dr. Walter Owens. “Whenever anyone runs this track we hope that when they pass this sign they will remember this man. This course was constructed by students.
“Young people who wanted to leave something to the future of Fayette-Ware,” he continued. “Using hand tools, they carved a large portion of this track from the tangle of brush and vines. They are part of our new vision to get students involved in making our high school a place of pride and a model for other schools.”
Students from the School of Agriculture worked for two months carving the route.
“Ed Redditt was a special friend and extraordinary person. We could not have a better individual to honor today,” said James Teague, Director of Schools. “A team of teachers, coaches and others joined with students to design and bring life to this track. It’s teamwork with adults and young persons seeking a common goal. It can only be good for future projects.”
The track winds around the south portion of the campus on grass, through scenic sections of woods, across rough ground and across ditches.
Cross country Coach Steve McKinley said it was a challenge and afforded many opportunities to change pathways to make different courses.
“We are proud of these young men for their hard work and I can assure them we are already using the course and will continue to train on it in several configurations,” McKinley said. “I know Ed Redditt would be proud.”
The track is open to all Fayette County residents.  Owens said everyone has a standing offer to run or walk it.
“We want our citizens to visit our school and watch as we grow and change,” he noted.