Local teacher will be part of TCAP selection process


Last week, Southwest Elementary School teacher Erica Cashion was selected out of thousands of applicants to be a reviewer for the TNReady program.
The new program will be implemented in the 2015-16 school year for third- through- eighth-grade TCAP tests in English Language Arts and Mathematics. For the next few months, Cashion will be involved in item selection and scoring of the TNReady ELA tests for third graders.
She will also be reviewing test items and recommending revisions based on alignment to Tennessee’s standards and content accuracy.
“I decided to apply for this position so that I could voice my opinion and be a part of the selection process,” said Cashion.
After deciding to apply for the position, the primary portion of the application was to read a passage and answer the questions pertaining to the passage. The questions she had to answer made her decide which standards they coincided with, what skills students needed to know in order to answer the questions correctly and how the teacher can make sure students are successful in answering those questions.
Cashion also had to explain how she teaches in her own classroom and how she ensures students are successful.
Cashion started her teaching career at Southwest Elementary and has been teaching there for four years.
“I am so grateful that I have a wonderful supportive school family,” said Cashion.
Principal Rodney Parks went on to say, “We are proud of Ms. Erica. She is doing great things in her classroom and by getting this position it shows that her hard work is not going unnoticed.”
The administers for the TNReady program were selected through a process that was established by the General Assembly and administered by the state’s Central Procurement Office.
For more information, visit www.fcsk12tn.net or call 901-465-5260.