Board authorizes bidding process for police mobile command post

The Oakland Board of Mayor and Aldermen has unanimously adopted a resolution that authorizes the bidding process for a mobile command post for the police department.
Board members took the action during their Dec. 18, 2014 regular monthly meeting on a motion offered by Alderman Kelly Rector and seconded by Alderman John Troncone.
The resolution states that the command post is essential for the town to perform necessary public safety functions.
It also notes that the town expects to be “fully reimbursed” for purchase of the command post, related salaries and other supplies by a $24,475 Alcohol Saturation Project Grant offered by the Governor’s Highway Safety Office.
The resolution authorizes Mayor Chris Goodman to apply for the grant to offset the expenditures from the General Fund and to perform the necessary legal bidding process to acquire the command post.
It also directs the mayor to obtain “award of bid” from the board and to “promptly request” reimbursement from the grant after the bidding process and “purchases or usage” are complete.