Angels Among Us

• David Jones, a Public Works foreman for the town of Oakland, was anonymously nominated for Angels Among Us. This is his nomination letter.
“David is a thoughtful person who makes Oakland a much nicer place. He takes the time to think of other people’s needs, like our elders, widows and handicapped citizens.
“He warms so many hearts with his thoughtful deeds. He’s someone who sincerely tries to understand and sympathize with our community. He is so glad to help with a smile on his face.
“He gives so much of his time to do his job correctly the first time. His work always shows how much he cares. He just makes our town look better.
“David fixes everyone’s complaints, daily.”
• Noting that he is always willing to go beyond the call of duty to assist the residents of Oakland, Jones, 51, said helping elderly and handicapped residents take their trash receptacles to the curb is just one way he serves the community.
“I help people,” he said. “Period.”