Town’s accomplishments not always visible

Stability, focus and growth were the key themes Wednesday as Mayor Chris Goodman gave his second State of the Town Address at the Oakland Regional Chamber of Commerce’s monthly luncheon.
Noting that this year’s speech was difficult to write, Goodman said many of the accomplishments within the town have been intangible.
“What we have accomplished are not necessarily things that you can see and put your hands on,” he said. “But know we have accomplishments and we are moving forward as a town.”
Goodman said that the town’s administration and staff are more stable and focused than a year ago and that many of the “processes” within the municipality are “better.”
Citing recent growth within the town, Goodman said the Memphis Business Journal ranked Oakland the fastest growing city in the Mid-South. The town saw a 7-percent population increase from 2010 to 2013.
Goodman said that the town’s General Fund has also increased recently.
“Since this administration has been here,” he said, “it has increased over 400 percent. The fund increased because we have been able to collect over 90 percent of our back property taxes.”
Noting that the town is 85 percent complete on road repairs, Goodman said there is more work to do.
“We have subdivisions that need to be completed and resurfaced and we have a lot of drain pipes that have to receive attention.”
Regarding public safety, Goodman said that Oakland was recently named the third safest city in Tennessee by Safe Choice Security.
“While we have reduced the number of citations written 2013,” he said, “the police presence in the neighborhoods and businesses has increased.”
The police department recently received a grant for a mobile command center.
“This will allow better control in a true emergency and allow for better monitoring in high traffic areas during holidays and special events,” he said.
Regarding the town’s fire department, Goodman said that new Chief Stephen Walls has implemented a staff ranking to establish a “clear chain of command.”
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