Fayette County Mayoral Candidates (2) 

Rhea “Skip” Taylor

Current Occupation: Incumbent County Mayor

List three significant issues in this election.
A. Jobs/Business
B. Emergency services
C. County finances
Specifically, how do you plan to deal with each of these issues, if elected?
A. Jobs/Business
Fayette County is a growing community, and must have jobs and investments to continue to grow. I will continue to market and recruit businesses to the County.
Moving forward, we will finish a Strategic Business Plan to use as a marketing tool to bring businesses to the appropriate area of the county, and hire an individual to market it to prospective customers.
Completing the Higher Education Facility will be integral to bringing businesses into the county because of the educational training that they will require.
My administration will continue to work with and encourage our existing businesses to take advantage of our location, infrastructure, and other assets, such as the Intermodal Rail yard, to grow jobs and business within the county.
B. Emergency Services
Fayette County has come a long way in providing emergency services to our residents, and the need will only grow. Our fire department has enhanced their training and equipment to provide better service, which has lowered insurance premiums county-wide.
Our ambulance service is a highly trained and effective service. Both services will require more investment in training and equipment to keep up with our growth. We will be more creative in finding places where they can cooperate to provide those increased services.
C. County finances
The upcoming years will be ones of growth as we recover from the national recession.
Our tasks will be to grow the revenues of the county to keep up with the increased needs of our citizens. Emergency services, fire, ambulance and law enforcement will need increased funds to keep up with the growth.
Our infrastructure in roads and facilities will also need additional help. For the last 12 years, I have been able to provide the County Commission with budgets that have addressed our needs, continue to provide for those increased services, and operated with no property tax increases.
Going forward, my skills in budget and financial management will be needed to continue to keep our taxes low while providing for these additional needs.
What do you think is the biggest concern facing Fayette County at this time, and why?
Our educational system is the biggest concern facing Fayette County. As county mayor, I work with and encourage our School Board and their administration to address problems that I and the average citizen see.
Fayette County’s future will depend on the reputation and quality of our educational system. This is a major reason that the Higher Education Facility is so critical. While the county mayor has no direct authority to order the School Board to act, I can have a direct impact on opportunities for education that students, both young and old, will need.
What specifically makes you best qualified for the position you are seeking?
I am an open minded individual who is a public servant that works to help everyone in the county. By keeping an open and knowledgeable relationship with all service providers in the county and in the cities, citizens always receive assistance to find the help they need.
I also am genuinely interested in the well being of our County and citizens, and want to see it grow and thrive. This requires me as county mayor to be in the community at various town, city and civic meetings whenever they are held, not just from 9 to 5.
My record shows that I help anyone that comes to my office seeking assistance either by directly helping them or referring them to the proper service office in the county or their city.
In short, I love Fayette County, and my background, experience, and record show that I am the best candidate for the job.


Eddie Pattat

Current Occupation:
Fayette County Register of Deeds

List three significant issues in this election.
A. Public school system
B. Creation of jobs
C. Financial accountability
Specifically, how do you plan to deal with each of these issues, if elected?
A. The most significant issue in this election, by far, is our public school system. Considering the amount of property tax and sales tax being spent, the proper management of this area of county government affects all of us.
The county mayor, who by state law is most responsible for proper management of county finances, must get more involved in the operations of the school system.
The only thing going up is the cost of operations. There are a lot of questions needing to be answered.
Our current mayor’s wife is part of the school system management. This fact appears to hinder him in what he is willing to say and do. I won’t have that conflict of interest.
B. Another significant issue in this election is the creation of jobs.
The current mayor recently boasted about all the jobs he has brought into the county over his 12 years in office. According to statistics from the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development, over the last 12 years the unemployment rate in Fayette County has increased from 6.5 percent to 10.3 percent.
Job creation is directly related to the quality of your public school system. We fix our school system; we improve our chances for good businesses with well-paying jobs coming to our county.
C. A third significant issue is financial accountability within the mayor’s office.
Per the 2013 Tennessee Comptroller’s audit report, the mayor’s office was cited for deficiencies in purchasing procedures, budget operations and material errors in financial statements rendering them misleading.
Private enterprise would not tolerate this level of financial accountability, nor should the tax payers of Fayette County.
As your mayor, annual budgets will be presented to the County Commission before the start of the new year and not three months later. Financial information will be properly prepared and monitored by qualified staff on a monthly basis.
With timelier, more accurate financial information, the County Commission will be better informed and able to make better decisions concerning our county’s future.
What specifically makes you best qualified for the position you are seeking?
The office of county mayor is not a clerical position where you simply perform the same duties and procedures day after day. It is the most important management position in county government.
Over the past 12 years, we have made very little, if any, progress. Don’t be fooled or mislead by statements of no tax increases, more jobs, a better school system, lower homeowner’s insurance premiums, high marks for management of county funds, etc.
As mayor, I will always be completely open and honest with the taxpayers on all issues. I will return telephone calls. I will seek input from taxpayers via community meetings.
I will bring “Common Sense Leadership” to the office of county mayor.