County Commissioner Candidates for Dist. 4, Pos. 2 (3)

Reggie Howard

• Current occupation: Process Technician, GlaxoSmithKline
• Age: 57
• Education: Associate of Applied Science, Mechanical Technology
State Technical Institute at Memphis
• Family: Sherry-wife, Melissa-daughter and Jeremy-son
• Organizations, groups and activities: Endowment member of the NRA, member Memphis Sports Shooting Association,
Leadership Fayette and
Fayette Tea Party
List three significant issues in this election.
• Education
• Jobs
• Communication
Specifically, how do you plan to deal with each of these issues, if elected?
• Education – Holding the school administration and board members accountable for the appropriate management of funds entrusted to them by the taxpayers is one of the only duties a county commissioner has that is part of our duties concerning the school board. That is an important element however that has a direct impact on students.
Having funds available to be used in the classrooms instead of being wasted in other ways is critical for education. I have been outspoken when necessary to bring attention to bad decisions where money has been wasted by the school leadership.
• Jobs – I have already worked with the Fayette County Chamber of Commerce and the county mayor when I became aware of a few potential opportunities to attract employers to Fayette County.
None of the these came to fruition for Fayette County (Beretta is relocating to Tennessee) but it is important for us to always be prepared when opportunities arise.
Many people recognize that the biggest impediment we have in attracting employers is our weakness in education achievement. It is my top priority to help improve education in our county and I am working with a group of parents and taxpayers on a school related issue which I believe will become a movement which will help our schools achieve great things. The potential is there, we have to work together to make it happen!
• Communication – In my first term I have learned over the four years how little communication we have in many ways in county government. It has to change!
Many things happen between meetings that are not communicated to the commissioners by the chairman and mayor. It really came to light with the asbestos issue at the new school and most recently the mega site issue.
If I am honored to be re-elected by the citizens of District 4 I intend to bring this issue to the table and find a solution. The county commission should have been involved in the discussion to find a solution to the asbestos problem.
I firmly believe a much better outcome would have been realized resulting in a lot of money saved. I will seek to have periodic joint meetings with the school board to improve communication with that body and hopefully improve relations.
What do you think is the biggest concern facing Fayette County at this time, and why?
Improving our schools and education results.
Test scores and our state ranking in that area answers the why. It has been a huge problem for decades. Employers look at this variable when looking for a location to build and we are seriously lacking. We all must work together to find a solution if we want to attract quality jobs.
What specifically makes you best qualified for the position you are seeking?
My life and political experience. I have worked in government and I have been involved in politics for over 20 years. Now I have four years experience in the position I am seeking re-election for.
I have consistently attempted to keep good communications with my constituents and have been diligent in finding solutions for any concerns brought to me. I am very active in the discussion of issues during the meetings. I try to represent the citizens of my district in a fashion that I expect from my representatives and I have high standards for those representing me.

James A. Garrett

• Current occupation: Senior technical project manager and chairman of the Fayette County Board of Education
• Age: 42
• Education: MBA, Weber State University
B.S., University of North Alabama focus in Business Management and Computer Information Systems
• Family: Married, three children; all educated in Fayette Public County Schools
• Organizations, groups and activities: Member of Blues City Victory Riders (a group of Victory motorcycle enthusiasts) and Camaro Kings and Queens Car Club (a charity focused group of Camaro enthusiasts). Enjoys reading historical biographies
List three significant issues in this election.
A. Level of collaboration among county agencies
B. Lack of growth
C. Declining level of county services

Specifically, how do you plan to deal with each of these issues, if elected?

A. Cross body working sessions to allow for open communication, debate, and idea sharing
B. Focus on zoning. I think Fayette county could be a first choice for office parks and light industrial. This could also expand the tax base, increasing revenues without increasing rates.
C. Invest in our hospital, ambulance, sheriff, and school services.
What do you think is the biggest concern facing Fayette County at this time, and why?
Misinformation by some elected officials which propagates F.U.D. (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) causing stagnation or regressive trends in Fayette County. Fayette County is becoming a ‘poster child’ for wasted potential.
What specifically makes you best qualified for the position you are seeking?
I am well qualified to serve as a commissioner because of my work experience, education and core values.
As an information technology project manager, my job description is simply to “get work done.” I do this through reaching mutual understanding with diverse groups of participants. Find common ground, start with agreements and work through the remaining challenges.
As a MBA, I have the education to actively participate in the discussions that will shape our county. I am not a passive observer or one to be directed by outside interests.
I possess the skills and training to vet and make critical business oriented decisions that will benefit us all with expected returns (ROI) targeted.
As a vested Fayette County family man with three children — a Fayette-Ware class of 2013 graduate, a fourth and a sixth grader — I know, feel and understand the issues you are dealing with because I’m dealing with them also.
Our county has for too long been reactive to situations. I promise to work to make us proactive.
We can be more than an escape from Shelby County taxes. We can be a first choice.


Gregory Duncan

Age: 53

Current occupation: Ministry

Education: Fayette-Ware High School Class of 1979

Family: Married family man

Organizations, groups and activities: Family person, Church of GOD, Jail House Ministry, visit the sick, help thou need, ministry, GOD love, and walking

List three significant issues in this election.

Education, schools and low taxes if possible

Specifically, how do you plan to deal with each of these issues, if elected?

By working together with thou people that are elected. By planning, facing thou problems and looking for a solution with thou help from the Eternal one.

What do you think is the biggest concern facing Fayette County at this time, and why?

Education. People need to understand,when they understand, people can live together in unity.

What specifically makes you best qualified for the position you are seeking?

Because I love to service thou people.