County Commissioner Candidates for Dist. 4, Pos. 3 (2)


• Current occupation: Retired from financial services
• Age: 67
• Education: Attended Memphis State University
• Family: Wife, Laura – Son, Clay – A daughter-in-law and two granddaughters
• Organizations, groups and activities: West Fayette Friends of the Library, Workforce Investment Network and Oakland Regional Chamber of Commerce
List three significant issues in this election.
A. Education
B. Health concerns
C. Economic Development
Specifically, how do you plan to deal with each of these issues, if elected?
Education — support, encourage and participate in public education.
Health concerns — support Methodist Fayette Hospital.
Economic Development — continue to work with the Chambers of Commerce.
What do you think is the biggest concern facing Fayette County at this time, and why?
The biggest concern is Economic Development. Growing commercial activity in the county will keep the property taxes low.
What specifically makes you best qualified for the position you are seeking?
My experience as an Alderman in Oakland allows me to bring government management skills and understanding of being the voice of the district to the table.


• Current occupation: Administrative Sergeant with Memphis Police Department (20-year law enforcement career)
• Age: 42
• Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Management from Crichton College, Master’s Degree in Operations Management from University of Arkansas
• Family: Divorced, one wonderful 14-year-old daughter
• Organizations, groups and activities: Leadership Fayette graduate, Fraternal Order of Police, former chairman and Charter Member of Mid-South Motorcops Association, member of Oakland Chamber of Commerce, member of Hope Presbyterian Church, and member of the Save Our Neighborhood Schools movement. I enjoy home improvement and wood projects.
List three significant issues in this election.
Our school system is a huge issue for our county in this election. It’s effecting our growth, economy and children’s education.
I have heard from many that they would have moved to Fayette county if it were not for the reputation of the school system.
I have found that another hot button in this county is the poor conditions of the Animal Control facility and the aggressive kill policy.
I have heard from many that they would like to see a library branch that can conveniently service the west side of Fayette County. Fayette County, a county of 706 square miles with over 38,000 residents, has but one small library located in Somerville.
Specifically, how do you plan to deal with each of these issues, if elected?
In regards to our school system, they have there own governing body that influences the operation of the school system.
As a Fayette County Commissioner, my direct influence would be to approve the funds for the school’s budget and hold the school board accountable for those funds so as not to be mismanaged as has been the case in the past.
In regards to Animal Control, I believe that government should do for the people what the people can not do for themselves. And, those things that they do, they should do well.
A couple of those things is to promote health and safety. An animal shelter is a factor in that equation. We should not have a shelter for the sake of having one.
We should have one that is adequate. So, I fully support the building of a new Animal Control facility. Two-thirds of shelter animals are euthanized due to inadequate shelter space.
One of our goals should be to achieve a no kill policy for non-terminally ill animals, establish an aggressive adoption and sterilization program.
In regards to a county library branch, I support building a multi-use facility in the west part of Fayette County that houses a library. The multi-use facility could house a senior center, meeting rooms and the county run library. Build it and they will come.
I would encourage a cooperative effort between the county and Town of Oakland to achieve this endeavor through shard funding.
A large part of my platform is Alternative Funding. Alternative Funding is any funding that does not draw from our tax revenue nor does it apply additional tax burden on our citizens.
I believe that a project like this can be greatly funded through Alternative Funding.
What do you think is the biggest concern facing Fayette County at this time, and why?
The biggest concern facing this county is the public school system.
We are bound in a lawsuit that is over four decades old. There has been mismanagement of funds.
There has been irresponsible overspending on a court ordered new school.
There is a horrible element in the federal consent order called “Controlled Choice” which is a sophisticated name for busing children out of their neighborhood school districts to try and satisfy racial quotas.
All these things along with many more effect our children, our growth and economy among others.
What specifically makes you best qualified for the position you are seeking?
Like my opponent and the majority of the residents of Oakland, I was not born and raised here. Instead, I made a conscious choice to move and plant my roots here.
I love Fayette County and truly want to be a leader in this community making it successful.
Fayette County has so much to offer its vast demographics. I feel that with my fresh mind and fresh ideas, I can help achieve Fayette County’s highest potential and success.