Kindred Spirit returns to Oakland

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Kindred Spirit Style was started in Patti Yancey’s Oakland home four years ago. When space became limited, Yancey moved the shop to Cooper Young and opened a handmade gifts store while still focusing on the Kindred Spirit Style handmade handbags and accessories.
Now, Yancey is preparing to bring her business back to Oakland. This Thursday at 1:30 p.m., the Oakland Chamber of Commerce will help Yancey celebrate her homecoming with a grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony at Kindred Spirit Style’s new location at 7040 Highway 64.
“People have been telling me for years, ‘you need to go to the Atlanta Market, these handbags would sell like hot cakes,’” Yancey said. “So, in January, we put on our big girl panties and went to the wholesale market in Atlanta and our wholesale business sprouted. You can find us in boutiques all over the United States.”
The business now has 14 independent sales representatives selling wholesale all over the south.
“For that reason, it was time to move home to Oakland to a larger space for the Kindred Spirit Style wholesale business and the retail spot,” Yancey said. “In our retail store, we sell handmade products and other gifts. We will carry show-stopping, eye grabbing, fabulous linen and knit clothing as well.
“We are looking for crafty people wanting to teach fun and creative projects, we are going to have candle- making and soap- making classes as well as design your own bag events,” she continued. “I have tons of fabrics in the design studio where you can choose your favorite fabrics and we will make a bag in one of the Kindred Spirit Style styles.”
Kindred Spirit Style specializes in “fun, funky and functional bags” that are designed and made by women helping women.
“Freedom, Fellowship and Fearless Living: That’s my motto,” Yancey noted. “I live that way and it is my desire to help other women embrace that lifestyle too. I am deeply pleased that I have created work for area folks in sorting, sewing, and selling.”
Kindred Spirit Style now has 20 women independently sewing using Yancey’s patterns and fabrics in their homes and in their own time frame.
“I plan to continue my designs with handbags, hats, coordinating pins and who-knows-what’s-next,” she said. “The more bags we sell, the more jobs we can create in America. It is not just about making a bag, but making a difference.”
Yancey’s sister, Lisa Mathis, recently sold her Curves business in Germantown to help her sister. Stephanie Langston of Oakland helps with book keeping and shipping, Courtni Clifft, of Somerville helps in the retail store, and Terressa helps with shipping and in the retail shop.
“I learned a couple of years ago what an impact small things can have on people’s lives, which is why I’ve grown to make that happen,” Yancey said. “It is my desire to create more opportunities for local women to put their skills to work creating more money locally.
“I could have sent my designs to China and could sell them at a much lower price,” she continued. “I chose to keep it local and have been able to put 20 people to work sewing, many of them from their own home. It helps give them a flexible income and helps create jobs within the community.
Kindred Spirit Style is located at 7040 Highway 64 and is open Tuesday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. 2-2