Oakland Property Transfers

• JP Morgan Chase Bank to Michael J. Choate and Deborah K. Choate for $42,000 (1 acre) • George Burt Young to Larry R. Carroll and Georgeine Carroll for $60,000 (5.9 acres) • Riverbend Building Corporation Inc. to Geneva Homes Inc. for $130,000 (Fair Meadows of Oakland) • Douglas B. Andersen to Douglas B. Adersen and Christina Andersen for $0 (Oaklands) • Bank of America to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for $101,790 (Oaklands) • Jerry A. Roethe and Marla F. Roethe to Bank of America for $152,269 (Oakland Woods) • First Citizens National Bank to Delee Upchurch for $64,500 (Fair Meadows of Oakland) • Creekside Homes LLC to James Albert Rogers and Jane Allen Rogers for $182,900 (Oakland Woods) • Regency Homebuilders LLC to Larry W. Gullett and Brenda K. Gullett for $148,640 (Cross Creek) • Sarah Winter and Sarah Caldwell to Todd A. Winter and Sarah M. Winter for $1 (Sommerset) • Roy Pentecost, Jennifer Pentecost and Wilson & Associates to Deutsche Bank National Mortgage Trust Company for $135,000 (Groves of Oakland) • Stable Investments LLC to Jennifer L. Hahn for $95,000 (Grove of Oakland) • Zachary D. Norman, Maria N. Norman and Shapiro & Kirsch to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for $110,596 (Oaklands) • Michael Baker, Kathryn N. Dilliard and Wilson & Associates to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for $105,300 (Gardens of Hidden Springs) • Chinki Babbar to Chinki Babbar and Chinki Safaya for $0 (Oakland Woods) • Creekside Homes LLC to Shenika S. Stigall for $182,900 (Sommerset) • Phillip J. Jones and Ayishia K. Lowe to Tennessee Housing Development Agency for $121,500 (Sommerset) • Christopher Vessey and Jessica L. Vessey to Dean L. Walker for $147,500 (Oaklands)