Tomato Contest

tomato contest1Back, from left, are David Lee, Austin Ourth and Judy Mason. Front row, Cade and London Arwood. On Saturday, Fayette County’s Best Tomato Contest was held at the Fayette County Farmer’s Market. Winner in the adult category for the largest tomato was Judy Mason with a Beefsteak tomato that weighed in at 1 pound and eight ounces. It was 16 inches in circumference. The tastiest tomato in the adult category was grown by David Lee. It was a Goliath that was nearly 15 inches in circumference. In the youth division, Austin Ourth brought a Brandywine that was 1 pound ¼ ounces  and 13.5 inches in circumference. Cade and London Arwood won the trophy for tastiest tomato in the youth division with their sweet cherry tomatoes.