Fayette 4Hers place eighth in Tennessee tournament

On June 13, four youth from Fayette County placed eighth at the State 4-H Wildlife Contest.
The contest was held at Natchez Trace State Park and was open only to the 12 best teams in the state.
Fayette’s representatives arrived the day before and participated in an educational tour that focused on forest management practices. They got to stay the night with other 4-H youth in the cabins at the park before starting the contest the next day.
The contest itself is a full day with five different activities to participate in. The first activity is wildlife identification.
Participants have to correctly identify mammals, birds and fish from feathers, pelts, tracks and bird calls.
The next activity is a written multiple choice test on the environmental conditions of the Eastern Deciduous Forest, the habitat needs of the animals in our region, and various wildlife management terms and practices.
They then go outside to a plot of land and are given a series of animals to manage for. The youth have to know which practices to recommend for a certain species given specific habitat conditions.
The last two events have the team working together to write out a management plan for three species at the outdoor location. Then, they have to go before a judge individually and give an oral defense of their management plan.
The evening ends with a recognition banquet for all the teams and certificates and awards are given out. Our Fayette County 4-Hers prepared for weeks for this contest. By placing eighth in the state, they moved up four spots since the last trip to the state contest two years ago
For more information on the 4-H wildlife program, call 465-5233.  4h