Oakland Economic Development Committee meets with state officials

The Oakland Chamber’s Economic and Community Development Committee met on April 16 with Oakland Mayor Chris Goodman and Aldermen Billy Ray Morris, Kelly Rector and John Troncone.
The ECD brought in special guests from the Tennessee Valley Authority, Tennessee Economic and Community Development and Younger Associates. TVA went over Economic Development 101 and how this affects the community. The “vision” of Oakland was discussed, along with the economic outlook and ways to enhance the community.
Sharon Younger, president of Younger Associates, shared on Oakland’s Marketing Plan. Younger Associates is a market research and advertising firm specializing in economic development, transportation, strategic planning and labor market analysis.
Younger Associates is the Oakland Chamber’s Advertising Agency. Since the Oakland Chamber began Phase 1 of their media campaign that included television, print and social media they have had impressive growth on their website traffic.
Site wide Statistics
• 64 percent increase in visits (1,365/2,235)
• 66 percent more new visitors (942/1,565)
• Mobile visits increased 64 percent
Relocation Page Statistics
• 4 percent of total page views (185)
• 11 percent of total unique visitors (130)
• 40 percent of referral page views from Facebook.
•19 percent direct traffic
Phase two of the Marketing Plan will begin the summer of 2013. Television will pause and they will continue their social media and online advertising.
They will shoot footage for a second television commercial and YouTube spot.
Phase three will begin this fall and include a new television campaign, continue with social media and online advertising and include testimonials in their print ads.  They will begin including positive information on education and schools in their message.
They also plan on having an Interstate 40 billboard campaign ready to launch if there is activity at the megasite.
Oakland’s long-term Economic and Community Development Plan was also discussed. Oakland’s ECD will partner with Goodman and the alderman on developing a “vision” for Oakland.
They will research the development of a Town Center, improve the appearance of Oakland and promote excellence in public education.
They will continue to market Oakland and manage the growth necessary to support their goals and be mindful of Interstate 69 and megasite opportunities.
Oakland’s ECD will continue to look for opportunities to enhance the economic environment and quality of life in our community and beyond. They will continue to work with Regional Partners to accomplish these goals.
For more information,  contact Pattie Krepela at chamber@oaklandtnchamber.com or call 466-0286.edc tva