Town calls special meeting Feb. 28

The Oakland Board of Mayor and Aldermen will host a special called meeting at 7 p.m. on Feb. 28 at Town Hall.

On the Agenda:

• Resolution of the Mayor and Aldermen to establish a temporary personnel policy regarding employment and termination

• Affirmation of removal of Chris Patterson as town attorney

• Affirmation of removal of human resource positions

• Affirmation of removal of Pam Walker as town recorder/treasurer

• Termination of the position – finance director

• Discussion of the mayor being personally responsible for any claim of payments due the terminated employee, Pam Walker, after the Board’s termination date of Feb. 21

• Discussion/motion for the change of combination of vault

• Discussion/motion for the hiring of professional IT to review all electronic equipment for remote access and/or change such access; password resets or revocation

• Discussion/motion to hire an independent auditor to perform an immediate audit of internal control, contracts, funds, etc.

• Discussion/motion for temporary appointment of record/asset custodian custody of vault combination and administrator passwords, keys of city owned buildings and vehicles; city owned electronic equipment; contracts; ordinances; resolutions; other city documents