Property Transfers

District 7

• Billy C. Duncan and Sue Duncan to Ronnie M. Cowles and Virginia S. Cowles for $285,000 (2.136 acres)

• Gary L. Aaron and Susan P. Aaron to Steven B. Hansen and Tammy R. Hansen for $280,000 (Woodmont Estate)

• Mallorie Lindsey to Derrick R. Duell and Melanie D. Duell for $405,000 (Aston Park)


District 8

• Justin D. McNeely and Megan McNeely to James A. Lancaster and Susan Lancaster for $175,000 (Sommerset)

• Bank of Bartlett to Regency Homebuilders LLC for $25,000 (Riverwood Gardens)

• Lamont Murphy and Thelma Ryan Murphy to Gary W. Littlejohn for $129,900 (Oaklands Greenvalley)

• Bryan A. Bollenbacher and Dara Lee Bollenbacher to Michael D. Heath and Patricia M. Heath for $167,500 (Oakland Woods)

• Charles Poindexter and Carla Poindexter to Barbara F. Dorsett and Joy M. Dorsett for $5,000

• Regency Homebuilders LLC to Katreva White for $20,000 (Cross Creek)

• Lauran R. Powers to Heather D. Ross for $174,900 (Chickasaw Ridge)

• Duayne H. Christopherson and Laura J. Christopherson to Frank A. Corredine for $90,000 (Gardens of Hidden Springs)

• Creekside Homes LLC to Walter L. Jordan for $171,900 (Oakland Woods)

• Delee Upchurch to James B. Richardson and Pat Richardson for $189,441 (Northwood Estates)

• Jason M. Eveler and Jessica Eveler to John D. Lee and Tiffany Green for $107,500 (Oaklands Greenvalley)

• Regency Homebuilders LLC to Enjelica Dawn Schulmeister and Steven Hoang Tran for $182,210 (Cross Creek)

• Regency Homebuilders LLC to Ashley Leo Latham and Melissa Latham for $176,772 (Cross Creek)

• Regency Homebuilders LLC to Evander Jones and Tijuna Jones for $227,338 (Villages of Riverwood)