Counterfeit $20 bills showing up in Fayette


Be aware that counterfeit $20 bills are being passed in Tipton and Fayette County area.

Counterfeit $20 Bills
Serial # JL23147881B

To date the Tipton County Sheriff’s office has collected a total of 14 bills, all with the same serial number.

Chief Ricky Hoskins, Somerville Police Department has confirmed that a few have been passed in the Somerville/Fayette area.

If someone hands you a counterfeit bill you should:

Tell them according to the information you have the bill is not legal currency.
Do not try to detain them. They will most likely leave immediately.  Keep the counterfeit bill.
Do try to get a good physical description of the person.
without putting yourself in danger, Attempt to get a vehicle description and/or tag number.
Immediately call dispatch at 465-3456 with your information.