Property Transfers

District 7 (Hickory Withe)

• Roy Morrison to Lucia Aguilar for $0 (Pine Lake Mobile Estates)

• David M. Leggett Jr. and Janis C. Leggett to Gregory E. Wilson and Toni D. Wilson for $640,000 (Cloisters)

• Jerry E. Beck and Patricia A. Beck to Mark O. Andrews and Julie B. Andrews for $415,000 (Cedars)

• Mae Williams to Mae Williams Trustee and Mae Williams Revocable Living Trust for $0 (Hickory Withe Woods)

• Sharon Bobbi Dever Williams to Ted R. McKenzie Jr. and Candice M. Pankey for $375,000 (4.2 acres)

• Household Financial Center Inc. to Tina Biter for $230,001 (Hickory Withe Woods)

• Tina Biter to Tina Biter, Carolyn Skutak and Tonya Carolyn Andrysick for $1 (Hickory Withe Woods)

• Paul Green and Barbara Green to Robert M. Self and Chastity Olinger Self for $252,000 (Hickory Withe Estates)


District 8 (Oakland)

• Stephanie Harris Scates to James Coren Scates for $0 (Oakland Wood)

• Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Collin Andrew Sanderson and Lauren Paige Lacroix for $131,000 (Oakland Woods)

• Elizabeth A. Cash, Jeremy Butler and Kim Butler to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for $103,895 (Oakland Acres Lakes)

• Regency Homebuilders LLC to Justin Johnson for $183,715 (Cross Creek)

• Erick Martin to Margaret R. Trippany and Janet J. Fowler for $12,500 (Lakes of Lou Monta)

• Creekside Homes LLC to Keith H. Clark for $169,900 (Oakland Woods)

• Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Joshua B. Beaver and Brittany J. Meacham for $85,000 (Village of Oakland)

• James A. Caloway and Freida C. Caloway to Ronald E. Bell for $175,000 (12.3 acres)

• John Matthew Coleman and Vicki H. Coleman to Cynthia J. Darety for $123,000 (Oaklands)

• Wilson & Associates PLLC, James A. Sartin Jr. and Barbara J. Sartin to American General Mortgage Loan Trust for $120,586 (Oakland Woods)

• BancorpSouth Bank to Terry Poplar and Poplar Construction for $9,500 (Oakland’s Clay Hills)

• Steven C. Ethridge to Jennifer Robertson Ethridge for $0 (2.6 acres)