Letter to the Editor

Dear editor,

As a County Commissioner it is a responsibility to be a guardian of the taxpayer’s money. I firmly believe when I see corruption or possible improprieties that involve the dollars entrusted to us that one of the actions I take is to make the public aware. It is with that in mind that I write this letter.
I attended the first interview session of the potential candidates for the open School Superintendant position. School Board Chairman Bryon O’Brien asked James Teague about a situation which led to his demotion with the school system.

The issue concerned money advanced to pay for lodging, food and travel to training events. Mr. Teague responded by sharing with the Board his dislike of former School Director Gray and a remark about a letter he received from Dr. Gray.

No follow-up questions were presented on this matter, which I strongly believe was a mistake by our School Board members.

I vaguely remembered something about this issue but I never knew any details. Maybe I overlooked it or maybe the details were not presented to the public. Regardless, I now have the details in the form of the auditor’s report.
I have read the final report of the State Auditors and it has a lot of information of what transpired in the school travel payment investigation.

In my opinion, anyone collecting a paycheck funded by the taxpayers should be honest. The higher the job level the higher the standard should be. The person who is directing the team that educates our children should have character above reproach.
I believe every citizen of Fayette County should read the Auditor’s report. I have it and will share it with anyone who wishes to see it.

The School Board will be meeting again soon to pick a permanent replacement for the Director’s position. I will be contacting my Board members and I hope you will read the audit and let your best instincts lead you from there.


Reggie Howard

District 4 Commissioner